The Danforth Avenue

Toronto, Canada ,2019

The Danforth Avenue in Toronto, Canada is a great example of how a temporary #streetexperiment can pave the way for permanent change.

In August 2019, @880cities and @betterblock together with local partners and community members created this pop-up demonstration (photo 1-3) in a matter of hours with separated bike lanes, extended sidewalks, seating and two parklets. After the number of bicycle and pedestrian deaths in Toronto had risen steadily since 2008, the city launched a #visionzero (zero fatalities) program, but without much success. As a bereaved person of one of the road accident victims contacted @880cities, they chose Danforth Avenue Avenue to showcase the city’s vision of a #completestreet safe for all.

The experiment lasted only two days, but – accelerated by the corona pandemic – Danforth Avenue turned now once again into a safe and lively street for people as an extended pilot project (photo 3 & 4). And with what a success – the number showed already 40 percent increase in bicycle traffic along Danforth shortly after the installation!

Photo credits: (1) @880cities, (2) Alex Bozikovic (Twitter), (3) Greg’s Southern Ontario (Flickr),(4) Eli A. (Twitter)

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