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SET supports cities, organizations, and society to experiment the change they want to see in their streets.

What is a

Street Experiments are a powerful tool in urban planning to create more liveable, sustainable and resilient cities… The best thing is that they are quick & cheap to implement compared to traditional planning and they are pretty effective!

Re-marking streets

Re-marking Streets consists of painting the street with temporary paint. Unsafe crosswalks or intersections can be painted to make it more safe, promote art and be fun! It is also easy to see by drivers & reduce speed.

Re-purposing entire streets

Re-purposing entire streets, are a great tool to test and promote alternative mobility modes such as walking and cycling.

Re-purposing parking

Re-purposing parking in other words…taking away few parking spots and make use of this space in a creative way to recover public space and promote social interaction. This experiments are famously known as “Parklets” and in Austria and Germany as “Schanigarten”

Re-purposing sections of streets

Re-purposing sections of Streets. Example of this is the reactivation of underused public spaces, converting them into plazas by adding again temporary colour, furniture and greenery in cooperation with the neighbours.


What is the
SET Guidelines KIT ?

If you want to get familiar and start off by getting a basic understanding of the process of organizing a street experiment, look no further than this document: the SET Guidelines Kit!


we want to inspire you and share knowledge on how to plan, implement, and support street experiments –