Welcome to the SET Blog!

Experimental street interventions are becoming more and more popular after the pandemic gave it a boost in 2020. We, as a team, are passionate about researching, educating and inspiring you about street experiments. They play a vital role in shifting towards active mobility and reclaiming streets back for people. On our website and Instagram account you can find many materials to help you explore this thrilling urbanistic topic. This blog is going to dig a little deeper and tell full stories about each street experiment from an individual’s perspective.

We would like to establish a community of like-minded and driven people that want to explore our streets and contribute to this field of research. That is why we warmly invite YOU to submit your own article about the experiment you were able to encounter. We would love to hear your experience and honest opinion about that particular street intervention. Your reflection on the potential of street experiments to transform urban mobility and public realm is highly valuable to us.

Can’t wait to read your stories!

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