Weesperstraat: A Transformation in the Bike Capital

Amsterdam, The Netherlands ,2023

Take a look at this incredible transformation happening in Weesperstraat, one of Amsterdam’s busiest streets!

Since June, Wespeerstraat was transformed, becoming a more liveable space adorned with planters with flowers and a parklet!  The city of Amsterdam has long planned to implement a car-light policy, and this street is a significant step towards that goal.

For the next six weeks, Wespeerstraat will be closed to through traffic from 6:00 to 23:00, utilizing a barrier at a certain point near the center. Additionally, two lanes will be closed, leaving only one lane for traffic in each direction, allowing space for a mini park in the middle.

This transformation aims to test the impact on traffic flow, and the results will guide future decisions on implementing changes to improve the overall liveability and reduce car traffic. It’s exciting to witness how even small adjustments can completely transform a street into a more human-centered space.

Special thanks to @kavanhoose for capturing these amazing pictures.

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