Streets for kids

Brussels, Belgium ,2022

We need more streets for kids in our cities!

Streets for Kids is an initiative by Les chercheurs d’air, a non-profit organization that advocates for reducing air pollution near schools. The project is part of a project series, using a citizen science approach to improve air quality in Brussels.

Several studies have revealed high concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) around schools, exceeding the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). That’s why kids are particularly vulnerable to air pollution, making this not just a matter of space but of public health.

To protect kids from air pollution more „school streets“ need to be established in front of schools, in which motorized traffic is prohibited, at least at the time of arrival and departure of students.

On Friday, October 21st, 2022 nearly 400 parents and children gathered in front of seven schools, such as the Saint-Boniface Institute, demanding safer streets for our kids.

In collaboration with @goodplanetbelgium, they organized various actions to raise awareness about the risks of air pollution and to present an idea of what a school street could look like.

Streets for Kids has four main objectives:
1. Improve the air quality around the school
2. Improve the safety of children and other users
3. Encourage active modes and play
4. Create a space for dialogue

Currently, of 558 registered kindergartens and primary schools in Brussels, only 39 have designated school streets and most school streets are established through the efforts of neighborhood or parent committees. Every community should proactively include school streets in their transportation plans.

Would you like to contribute to creating more streets for kids in your city?

Check out the website of Les chercheurs d’air to contact them for more information.

Photos by Les chercheurs d’air

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