Vital Neighbourhoods

Bogota, Colombia ,2022

Barrios Vitales is a project that seeks to redistribute the public space used for vehicle circulation to benefit pedestrians. It also aims to enhance cultural and commercial dynamics.

In the San Felipe neighbourhood in Bogota in August 2022, the intervention was carried out, resulting in:
– 1,745 m2 of pedestrian space (orange, yellow and green). New plants and benches to encourage people to meet.
– 30 safe intersections with speed reduction.
– 25 temporary on-street parking spaces (white stripe and P symbol) to run short errands.
– 1 km of street for the circulation of bicycles and scooters, in addition to signposting the cycle route that passes through.
– 72 bicycle parking spaces.
– 5 loading and unloading zones (orange boxes) for traders.

This was possible thanks to the inter-institutional support of the District, led by the secretaria_de_movilidad, and consultancy of several international organisations (@worldbank, @bloomberg, @nactocities, @global.streets …).

It was also the product of a continuous process of social management and citizen participation since 2020. 22 participatory activities were carried out, involving 765 people, including: focus groups, perception surveys, digital challenges, information and socialisation and co-creation workshops.

The District continues to work with the community to develop different activities such as a pilot plan for road pacification, tactical urban planning and bicycle registration. In addition, it is currently leading the process in 4 other neighbourhoods in other localities.

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Photos by: @alcaldiabogota

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