Via Spoleto

Milan, Italy ,2019

#Streetexperiment in the making! In Milan, the #PiazzeAperte program is transforming intersections and street segments into colorful vibrant squares for people. This once dangerous intersection of Via Spoleto and Via Venini – particularly for the pupils of Ciresola primary from across the street – turned in September 2019 into a safe space for all creating opportunities to encounter and play.

Since September 2018, the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with Bloomberg Associates, National Association of City Transportation Official (NACTO) and the Global Designing Cities Initiatives has been realizing many of these plazas all over the city experimenting with #tacticalurbanism. By the temporary nature of the measures and with the involvement of citizens, solutions can easily be adjusted to make the improvements then permanent.

We are excited to see the next plazas in the future! What do you think about Milan’s street experiments? Swipe to see the full transformation!

Photo credits: Comune di Milano (flickr)

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