Rotterdam, Netherlands ,2020

In Rotterdam, you can have a car(e)free vacation on your own street this summer.
Vakantiestraat – “Holiday street” – is a collaboration between @humankindcity, drift, @soigneurs and @gemeenterotterdam giving people the opportunity to enjoy summer holidays at home during COVID-19. Within this project, streets turn into places to be active, to play, to meet and to relax. There are already four “Holiday Streets” active – 1st Peony Street, Lisstraat, Eemstein and Adrianalaan. Each street can decide for itself the duration and form. Some streets are car-free for a whole week or month. 1st Peony (in photo 2 and 3) chose to stay every Saturday for a month with a bouncy castle, an entertainment program and food offerings.

Photo credits: Mario Raimondi (Twitter)

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