Urban Acupunctures

Barranquilla, Colombia ,2021

The Villas de San Pablo, considered the heart of Barranquilla, suffered from various social and urban problems, such as crossings with a high risk of accidents for bicycles and pedestrians.

That is why to improve the quality of life of this community, @arquiurbano and @f_santo_domingo in alliance with @fundacionpintuco, within the +Vida framework strategy, have carried out an articulated and scalable work with the community for the rehabilitation of public space. In this way, three crossings were undertaken, called the water, sun and butterfly crossings, a product of the co-creation process with residents.

The abandoned public space is recovered through a strategy of landscaping and urban art, lighting and road signs. In addition, actions have been taken against the accumulation of rubbish, as well as training and activities to promote tourism and entrepreneurship for economic reactivation.

But what stands out most about this project is that the inhabitants are directly part of the transformation themselves. This project lasted a total of 6 months between 2021 and 2022: 3 months working closely with and training the community through workshops, and 3 months of physical intervention. The residents were then either volunteers or hired as professional staff to carry out some of the work.

Ultimately, this co-creation project highlighted the transformative power of colour and collective imagination in the appropriation and care of public space.

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Photos by: @arquiurbano

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