Umbrella Sky Project

Águeda, Portugal ,2011

Every year from July until September, some of the narrow streets in Águeda, Portugal are shaded by lots of colorful umbrellas.
The @umbrellaskyproject is part of the #Ágitagueda Art Festival that took place for the first time in 2011 and features many cultural music and sports activities.

During hot summer days, this art installation not only brings bright colors to the streets but increases the #walkability and comfort by providing shadow. By attracting hundreds of people, the #streetfestival also promotes local commerce and interaction between people.

This year´s edition was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic but hopefully in 2021, streets in Águeda will be revitalized again!
Swipe to see some of the different designs throughout the years and the Christmas edition of 2019!

Photo credits 1: Cube Breaker (Pinterest), 2-5: Umbrella Sky Project (Facebook), 6: Ágitagueda (Facebook)

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