Transforming Farias Neves Square

Recife, Brazil ,

The redevelopment of Farias Neves Square in Recife, Brazil, aimed to improve road safety and support local businesses.

In response to 26 traffic accidents with casualties recorded between 2017 and 2023, the project introduced nine new pedestrian crossings, expanded sidewalks by 1,900 square meters, and reduced the maximum speed limit to 30 km/h.

This transformation, led by the Municipality of Recife with collaboration from the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety and the Executive Secretariat for Popular Commerce, also included the installation of benches and bollards for user comfort.

The project’s main focus was to create a safer environment for the approximately 960 pedestrians, especially children, who frequent the area, particularly on weekends due to the nearby Dois Irmãos Park.

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Special thanks to @jessicaglucena for the insights into this amazing project.

Photos by Josenildo Gomes/CTTU/PCR

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