Cuenca, Ecuador ,2019

Four years ago, one of the most famous projects of #tacticalurbanism was realized in Barcelona, the first #superblock in Poblenou. Since then it has inspired cities around the world to do similar.

In 2019, the city of Cuenca created for the first time its own “supermanzana” of nine blocks in the city center. The inner streets were temporarily closed to motorized traffic, simple furniture was set up and various activities were offered. The superblock not only demonstrated the possibilities of a car-free city center, but also contributed to making people feel safer in #publicspace.

After its success, they repeated it in January 2020, and during #MobilityWeek 2020 in September they introduced a new superblock outside the center to promote existing activities and businesses in other neighborhoods, reducing the need for residents to travel.
Do you know other cities which introduced their own Superblocks?

Photo credits: Joel Adriance (@JoelAdriance in Twitter), Guilherme C. Dourado (@GCDour in Twitter)

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