Street & Reverberations Crosswalks

Baltimore, USA ,2019

One of the most vulnerable street users are children.

Already in 2016, residents of Baltimore’s Charles Village neighbourhood demanded more safety for children in the vicinity of Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School, more space for the community as well as slower cars in the vicinity.

In 2018, East 26th Street partially collapsed into the adjacent below grade train tracks. With the reconstruction of the screen wall, it was the perfect time to make improvements to the neighbourhood.

Baltimore City listened to the citizens and focused on people’s safety and well-being with two impressive transformations by @grahamprojects:

1) 26th Street Green

In September 2021 a street becomes a pedestrian plaza. This intervention features semi-custom integrated seating, planters, a stage and a vibrant teal mural, evoking a topographical map and connecting to the preceding intervention at the end of the street.

This creates a greener and more illuminated space with an art presence and open to users of all ages. In addition, the car park was reorganised, making more efficient use of the space.

2) Reverberations Crosswalks

Two years earlier, in September 2019, a mural was carried out on the pavement of the intersections around the school, in addition to building bumpouts.

Its bold colours draws the attention of passing motorists to the pedestrians’ safety needs and right-of-way. While its large scale icons, designed with the students, celebrate the school’s art education focus.

The artwork is made with custom colours of federally-specified traffic paint mixed with a traction-enhancing aggregate.

Are you familiar with any community-based design process?

Photos by: @grahamprojects

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