Sommerstraßen in Munich

Munich, Germany ,2018

Inspired by the #summerstreets of #levandestockholm, Munich introduced their “Sommerstraßen” for the first time in 2018 with two pilot projects. This summer, due to the ongoing corona restrictions, the city expanded the project to several locations all over the city.

Temporarily, the streets are either turned into so called “Spielstraßen” – #playstreets completely closed to cars – or into a “Verkehrsberuhigter Bereich” – a traffic calmed area where driving is still allowed but speed is limited to walking pace and pedestrians must be given priority – to provide residents with more space to move, play and socialize.

The first photo shows Westenriederstraße, a busy street in the city center with commercial uses on the first floor. But also in less central locations like Hinterbärenbadstraße in the last photo, the concept was introduced which led to some controversy among citizens.
We are curious to know from you as an urban planner or citizen: Do you think in residential areas outside the city center a concept like this can be successful?

Photo credits: @street_experiments

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