Shared Space in De 9 Straatjes

Amsterdam, Netherlands ,2020

In Amsterdam, Netherlands, De 9 Straatjes temporarily changed into a #SharedSpace. This measure is meant to give #pedestrians and #cyclists more space to keep the 1.5 m physical distance.

What is a shared space?
This planning concept was developed under the leadership of the Dutch road traffic engineer Hans Monderman in the 1990s. All road users are given equal rights to walk cycle or drive on the streets. According to the planning philosophy, due to the minimized segregation between the transport modes and greater uncertainty, car drivers have to slow down and therefore, traffic accidents and car dominance is reduced.

However, the concept is highly criticized, especially by organizations representing people with disabilities. In Amsterdam, some visitors and residents are also concerned about traffic safety in particular for children playing on the streets.

What do you think about the concept of Shared Space? Please share your opinion with us!

Photo credits: @gemeenteamsterdam

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