Reynosa Tamaulipas

Reynosa, Mexico ,

This #tacticalurbanism project in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico is the result of a long participatory process. For more than 6 months, @placemakingmx and@onuhabitatmx worked with local partners and the community of Reynosa to identify problems of the city and find solutions together. Finally, 5 interventions were implemented in 3 key locations of the city: 
Photo 1-2: The area around “Casa de la Cultura 
Photo 3: The McAllen-Reynosa International Bridge, one of the entrances to Mexico from the United States, which many pedestrians cross every day 
Photo 4-5: And a pedestrian street in the center of Reynosa with important commercial activities 
By improving pedestrian crossings, expanding sidewalks, and painting distance markings in the streets, quality public meeting places and streets for people have been created, so that citizens can carry out cultural and economic activities safely! 
Thanks to @placemakingmx for sharing insights and photos of this inspiring project with us! 

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