Reconquering a hostile environment

Lyon, France ,2021

In the street Vuillerme in the Confuence district of Lyon, a 6m road was reconquered and converted into a playful and comfortable itinerary. This is part of the future Champ Sud, the transformation of an ancient brownfield site into a life-size laboratory, helping the environmental recovery and inspiring the sustainable cities of tomorrow.

On one hand, asphalt acts like a barrier in the normal water cycle and when hit with extreme heat and sunlight, it releases hazardous air pollutants, excelling in secondary organic aerosols.

On the other hand, bumblebees are imperiled by extreme heat and other factors caused by climate change. They are among the most important pollinators, fertilizing crucial agricultural crops like tomatoes, blueberries and squash.

Plants can lower temperatures, and host these essential insects, providing at the same time with an attractive way for cyclists and pedestrians.

What kind of environment do you want to live in?

Photos by: ©BASE

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