Proyecto Panama Camina

Panama City, Panama ,2018

Proyecto Panama Camina

Proyecto Panama Camina is an innovative program that aimed to promote walking and cycling as preferred modes of transportation in Panama. The project was a collaboration between the Panamanian government and local organisations with the support of Gehl Architects and others, and it proved to be a success.

The project was launched in 2018 with the aim of creating a more pedestrian-friendly city with an increased quality of stay for local meeting points. The project organisers created safe and inviting walking and cycling routes, and installed bike racks and other amenities to encourage people to leave their cars at home promoting active mobility. It is a great example of collaboration between the government and local organizations.

The project has three main objectives:

1. Design urban space for the citizen encounter

2. Create routes for safe shared mobility

3. Create meeting points through art and culture

A 2-day long pilot project occurred at Plaza 5 de Mayo, in Panama City, with the challenge of intervening in the heart of the city, seeking to show new forms of social interaction through public space redesign. Plaza 5 de Mayo was redesigned to reclaim space from cars to benefit pedestrians by closing a part of the road and extending sidewalks using asphalt art. Simplistic shapes and bright colours positively contributed to the eye-catching look of the plaza. Adding leisure furniture contributed to the quality of stay and space appropriation for the citizens.

Would you like to increase the #qualityofstay for your local hang-out spots?

Photos by: @ciudademergente, @viaplural

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