Plazoleta El Inglés

Bogotá, Colombia ,2019

This formerly dangerous roundabout in Bogotá, Colombia turned last year into a vibrant #popupplaza using temporary tactical measures. For three days, a new, safer street layout could be tested and people were able to experience the regained #publicspace. This year, it became permanent.

The “Plazoleta” El Inglés is part of the citywide #PlazoletasBogotá program which was launched by the city in 2016 and is supported by @nactocities and @bloombergdotorg. With a step-by-step implementation approach, 5 out of 11 short-term pilots have already been successfully transformed into permanent pedestrian plazas improving  #roadsafety #walkability and sojourn quality.

Photo credits: @sectormovilidad

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