Plaza Limoilou

Quebec, Canada ,2015

At the busy intersection of 6th Street, 3rd Avenue and the Chemin de la Canardière, the Plaza Limoilou was the 1st street experiment in Quebec. 💥 The aim was the re-appropriation of the district’s nerve centre through art, design and architecture, to turn it into a place for meeting, entertainment and relaxation. 🧘

The colours reflected the effervescence of the neighbourhood and the furnishings were designed to suit the desires of the users, both for hosting large events and for everyday activities. 🎤🎸 15 parking spaces and the closure of the 6th street left space for 80 seats, 12 tables and 12 movable benches, a multifunctional kiosk and a small stage. 🤹

The 1st intervention took place in June 2015, promoted by the city and commissioned to EXMURO arts publics.💚 It was funded with $100,000 and was carried out mostly with the help of volunteers. Music, film and family activities took place throughout the summer, until its dismantling in October. ☀️

However, it returned in the summer 2016, at a cost of $55,000 and with the suggested improvements: the installation of 20 trees instead of concrete walls and the return of 4 car parks in front of shops. 🗣️📝

Finally, it was decided to make it permanent from summer 2018, while retaining its flexible nature to reopen the street in winter or in case of emergency, by means of retractable bollards.❄️ A total of $5.5 million was invested to carry out the co-design by the district, neighbours, merchants and accessibility organisations. 💸 Ground levelling and tactile passages for the blind were carried out to improve accessibility for all users, as well as to reduce the speed of cars.👩‍🦼

Its success led to the creation of squares in other parts of the city. 💞

📸: @exmuroqc , @monlimoilou

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