Piazze Aperte

Milan, Italy ,2018

Remember Milan’s #PiazzeAperte program?
It started in 2018 with a top-down approach “to learn how things work” and evolved into a more bottom-up initiative where residents and associations can apply for their own plaza in their neighborhood. In a participatory process, the design and implementation is done by both city staff members and active citizens.

What is most striking about this program is the institutional change it has triggered in city administration and politics towards new ways of thinking about streets and urban planning. #tacticalurbanism

Thanks @demescope for taking the time to give us an insight into this inspiring process!

Photo credits:
Via Pacini: @apicultura.studio, @emi.chiarello
Piazzale Ferrara: Alberto Dedè e Bruno Pulici (via @lacittaintorno)
Piazza Sicilia: Comune di Milano (flickr)

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