In 2018, Milan drafted the experimental guidelines that, a year later, would become the “Regulatory regulation for active citizen participation in the care, shared management and regeneration of the urban commons”.

In September 2021, Bacona Square was reborn as a zone 30.  This is the 65th intervention of the 2019 Piazze Aperte project, which aims to improve road safety at the entrance of school children in Milan.

Interventions in Piazzale Bacona included:
– Widening of pavements, crossings and pedestrian spaces.
– Speed limitation to 30 km/h.
– Establishment of via Spontini as a one-way street.
– Reorganisation of the car park.
– Improved cycle lanes.
– Installation of street furniture: 14 benches, a pingpong table, 3 picnic tables, 8 bike racks and 24 plant pots.

After the colouring touch-ups by the inhabitants, a collaboration agreement was signed for the care of the territory: Free passageways in Piazzale Bacone. It was signed by the municipal administration, the associations Non Riservato, I Baconiani, WinWinOffice, the Santa Caterina parents’ committee and the architectural firm Hypnos Architectural Design Studio.

The space will be cared for, animated and revitalised with activities such as picnics, theatrical readings, games, cinema and open-air theatre.

The 2nd part of the operation, in 2022, the structural redevelopment, also includes the connection between Corso Buenos Aires and Piazza Lima with Piazza Piola, the reorganisation of the road system and the complete bicycle connection, as well as the removal of the tram tracks that are no longer in use.

Would you like your city to create public squares too?

Photos by: @comune_milano, @demescope, @milanotoday, @urbanfile

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