Pearl Street Triangle

New York, USA ,2012

The importance of building and having a community engagement is of great importance, specially nowadays. Spaces with a #SenseOfPlace can give comfort and change perceptions. This can be boosted with #Placekeeping practices, which are all about creating a harmony with the surroundings, engaging the people that already live in a space and allowing them to preserve their stories, their culture.

Take a look at this example in NYC, Pearl Street Triangle. It was a parking island transformed into a vibrant community centre. The artist David Ellis made this colourful art, aiming to evoke a “we can pull ourselves up” sentiment through his design. Tables, benches and seats are place in the plaza- inviting neighbours, creating a community!
The small zone had help restaurants and small shops to thrive, and it is also a test space for start ups and artists who put on light shows, launch their inventions and share their work with the neighborhood.
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