Paulista Avenue

São Paulo, Brazil ,

This is an interesting case of an open street experiment that impacted another one in a near by area.
For years, the Minhocão overpass was one of the first and only open street experiment in the city of São Paulo, attracting many people to enjoy this unusual outdoor space, an overpass located between residential buildings. However, the main avenue and most touristic place of São Paulo, the Paulista Avenue, also became open to the people on Sundays and holidays, impacting the use of the Minhocão on these days.
Our researcher @phcarvalho did a comparative study between both areas and learned that the use of the Paulista Avenue – much more collective – is very different from the Minhocão’s. To visit the Paulista on Sundays is like going to a shopping mall, people are there to see and be seen, to be mesmerized by the many leisure activities that are taking place there. Consequently, the Minhocão became less crowded and visitors turned to feel more relaxed in there, having more freedom to act the way they wanted to. Their behaviour resembles more like someone being in a private space than in a public space, like an extension of their homes.

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