Paseo Bandera

Santiago de Chile, Chile ,2017

We start the new year with this famous #urbantransformation in Santiago de Chile , the #PaseoBandera, which was recently renovated. The project dates back to 2017, when the street was temporarily transformed into a colorful pedestrian promenade regaining public space. #streetexperiment

Before, the street had been closed to cars due to construction work on a metro line and used for parking. The #asphaltartintervention was created by artist @dasicfernandez and architect @juancarloslopez (@estudio_victoria). The original design was divided into three parts, each representing different aspects of Chilean identity. In 2018, it was decided to make the pedestrian zone permanent. Now, three years later, the floor paint has been refreshed and the furniture repaired. One part, whose surface was badly deteriorated, has received a new design and new murals, giving pedestrians the opportunity to “escape from everyday life for a moment.”

The plan for 2021 is to expand the pedestrian area by three more blocks with new urban artwork.

Phtots by: @perezbozo via @estudio_victoria, @juancarloslopez, via @BrentToderian (Twitter), leoarvelo

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