Paris breathes without cars

Paris, France ,2021

One of these photos shows an efficient street with a capacity capable of supporting a large flow of traffic. Guess which one? Hint: in the other one there are only cars.

Car-free Sunday took place in Paris on the 19th September and 3rd October.
Between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the centre of the capital and the Champs Elysées (the so-called Paris Breathes zone), cars (including electric cars) and two-wheeled vehicles were banned. The fine for non-compliance was 135 euros.

The only exceptions were buses, emergency vehicles and taxis with a 20 km/h limit, and 30 km/h in the rest of Paris.

This day is intended to promote the use of other means of transport, such as public transport, bicycles, scooters…

With the absence of vehicles on the streets, cyclists and pedestrians saw their sense of safety and comfort greatly increased. Moreover, according to Paris Air, 7% less pollutants were recorded in just one day.

Photos by: @unravelingthecyclingcity, @mindofmovement, @Parisgratis

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