Ottensen macht Platz

Ottensen, Germany ,2019

„Ottensen macht Platz” – the name says it all. One year ago, “Ottensen made space” for people by prioritizing #pedestrians and by reclaiming #publicspace from cars, where previously moving and parked cars dominated the streets. From September 2019 to February 2020, central streets in the Hamburg district of Ottensen, Germany were converted into a pedestrian zone. New bike racks, #parklets and plant pots were installed, flea markets and other actions took place.

Ottensen is a dense and lively district with a variety of uses and meeting places for the citizens of the district and beyond. Most people here are already on foot or by bicycle. However, relaxed strolling and cycling was hardly possible, as the narrow streets are not designed for high traffic volumes. Conflicts between the different road users were the result. The #streetexperiment took up these problems and showed how moving and living in a car-free environment could look like.

Although the experiment ended prematurely, the evaluation showed that the majority of residents and companies wanted to continue the project. Based on the experience gained, it was decided that this part of the district should be permanently car-reduced!

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