Night-Glowing Bike Path

Lidzbark Warminski, Poland ,2016

Biking is a perfect way to avoid crowded public transportation, and what a better way to promote it than by having a glowing bicycle path! In the polish town Lidzbark Warminski a local company built with phosphor a prototype bike path that absorbs sunrays by day and light up the path at night. The night-glowing bike path is short but it’s a good start to test this innovative idea that promotes cycling and increases road safety.
Swipe left  to see the inspiration behind this project: The Van Goh Path in Netherlands! – A unique illuminated bike path with a unique design inspired by Vincent Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ that glows in the dark by using thousands of twinkling stones that feature glow-in-the-dark technology and solar-powered LED lights.
– Photo credits: & Studio Roosegaarde

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