Mercado de Arroios

Lisbon, Portugal ,2021

“More people, fewer cars and colorful urban art at Mercado de Arroios”
The @boahora_estudio brought life to the streets of Lisbon by reclaiming the public space surrounding the Mercado de Arroios. Using big-scale drawings, this urban art project focused on reshaping the intersection of the streets passing through the square, reducing the speed of traffic and reducing second-row parking.

With the new design of the square, traffic enters at 90-degree angles (which means you have to slow down) for a single lane around the market.
By doing this, the pedestrian area has grown substantially (1174 m2, to be exact), and urban furniture and terraces will be installed, along with 14 trees that will provide shade on hot days.

What do you think about this colourful proyect ?

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