Munich, Germany ,2021

Last year, as part of the first Mobility Congress in Munich, an intersection in Munich’s historic center was redesigned with colorful markings and benches. #reclaimingthestreet

The project, initiated by citizens and curated by a local design firm, added removable foils with eye-catching designs to the street, interrupting the prevailing gray. The use of standard bicycle racks and street signs had two implications: Alienating familiar elements of Munich’s streetscape created awareness and invited residents to think critically about the use of public space. #streetsforpeople Second, ecological impacts were minimized as most materials could be reused and repurposed.

In addition, an impact assessment of the modified intersection design was sought, which could inform a long-term redesign of the street and contribute to the city’s vision of a car-free city center.

By completely closing the street, the street space even briefly became a podium for discussions about the future of the city.

What do you think?

Photos by: Julius Streifeneder

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