Mais vida nos morros

Recife, Brazil ,2016

Simply with paint and #urbanart, the program @maisvidanosmorros transforms streets in the communities of Recife, Brazil, into playful and livable #publicspaces. Since its launch in 2016, more than 22,000 inhabitants in 45 communities have already benefited from it.
The citizen is an active part of the solution – starting with the discussion with the #community members in the planning process up to the execution, where the inhabitants work together on the painting of the houses. Creating sustainable places and raising #environmentalawareness with activities such as #composting workshops and creative recycling are another important pillar.
In the project shown, the municipality of Sítio Sao Brás succeeded in converting a landfill into a municipal vegetable garden (photo 5). See the situation before (photo 2 and 4) and after (photo 1 and 3) the transformation!
Many thanks to @raynaia for contacting us and sharing this amazing project with us!

Photo credits: @lucianonogueiraa & @aregobarrosfoto

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