Levinsky Street

Tel Aviv, Israel ,2019

Now as life is slowly going back to normal, many cities pursue different strategies to encourage local economy and community live while ensuring the necessary #physicaldistance.

In Tel Aviv, 11 commercial streets will be closed for cars prioritizing walking and cycling. On some of the new pedestrian streets, colorful chairs and tables will be installed and restaurants will be allowed to expand their dining areas on the streets enhancing their use as #publicspace.

In these photos you see the already pedestrianized Levinsky Street that will become a 24/7 pedestrian street as part of this program. It was initiated in the end of 2019 as a #streetexperiment for one year to combat congestion in the inner city. Before, it was filled with cars and noise – now it is filled with people and live. Swipe to see before and after!

Which strategies do your cities use to boost local trade and give people space after lockdown? .

Photo credits: Lior Steinberg (via Twitter), Thomas Schlijper (via Twitter)

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