Levande Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden ,2015

As part of the project Levande Stockholm (which translated means “Living Stockholm”), every summer the city of Stockholm, Sweden conducts multiple #streetexperiments throughout the city: pop up parks, parklets, summer squares and summer streets. The project focuses on the implementation of temporary installations to redesign and revitalize #urbanspace in order to create a more vibrant city.

In 2015, the city of Stockholm experimentally transformed the street Swedenborgsgatan into a #pedestrianstreet during summer months. Due to its great success, the city decided to expand the project to more streets. Since then, every year several streets and spaces turn into lively pedestrian streets.

Photo 1: #popuppark Pallis in 2015 @pallis2015 @whitearkitekter
Photo 2: Pop up park #Humlegårdsgatan in 2016 @tengbom_landskap
Photo 3 and 4: #summerstreets Swedenborgsgatan and #rörstrandsgatan in 2017 @architecture_by_sweco

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