Lendplatz – Market square

Graz, Austria ,2021

In Graz, Austria, the municipality wanted to reduce traffic through the market square, and in turn, improve the cycling situation there.

For this redevelopment, it decided to bring together representatives of the economy as well as neighbours and entrepreneurs in two public events in the summer of 2019 for a joint design.

Two years later, at the end of June 2021, polka dots were painted on the ground to break up the classic zoning between road and pavement. The aim is to create a shared space, protected by additional furniture (planters and seats), which shows the equal rights of road users. In its design, it was only possible to choose light contrasting colours for the tactile guidance, which did not appear in the traffic regulations.

Stockergasse was turned into a pedestrian zone and Mariahilferstrasse into a meeting place, leaving space also for loading and unloading areas for shops.

In addition, one-way traffic was introduced around the market square, freeing up space for a two-way cycle lane on the west side.

620,000 was spent on this new traffic concept with traffic calming, which not only saves money but also remains flexible for future changes. In addition, 7 new permanent trees were planted as long-term elements. After the evaluation and measurement of the acceptance, the levelling of the ground could follow, as well as the possible extension of the pedestrian zone up to Josefigasse.

However, some consider the measure insufficient, a minimal compromise, as they would like the whole area to be pedestrianised.

What do you think? Should the whole area have been pedestrianised? Let us know in the comments.

Photos by: @stadtgraz

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