Largo São Francisco

São Paulo, Brazil ,2021

Check out this project shown in The Ideal City book of @space10 @gestalten. It is part of a series of pilot projects intended to prioritise people over cars, with a former parking zone being transformed into an urban park.
In collaboration with Gehl Architects, the ‘São Paulo Urbanismo’ Municipal Company encouraged people to stay outside of regular working hours. The city focused on creating quality facilities and a pleasant atmosphere.
At ‘Largo São Francisco’, large wooden decks and seating were placed, movies and short-film screenings were played in the evenings, facilities such as ping pong tables, and food carts have stimulated the area – offering new functions to the urban space!

Photos by:
(1) Gehl Architects, Photo São Paulo Urbanismo, The Ideal City, gestalten 2021
@space10 @gestalten @gehl_citiesforpeople
(2), (3), (4), Activities developed in the plaza @gehl_citiesforpeople

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