Lake 2 Lake – Rayobello

Baltimore, USA ,2021

During the Coronavirus 19 pandemic, people rushed to find outdoor spaces to walk, cycle or exercise safely.

In Baltimore, there was a significant increase in pedestrians and cyclists heading towards Lake Montebello and Druid Hill Park. But there were concerns about their safety inside bump outs, pedestrian crossings and pavements.

To ensure their safety (including those pedestrians in wheelchairs) and increase their visibility, the intersection of 33rd Street and Hillen Road was intervened in November 2021. This main intersection acts as a gateway to Lake Montebello and as a passage to the park.

A community-designed pavement art installation was installed for traffic calming, with bright streaks and teal. Over 500 residents voted on in selecting the final work of traffic calming public art. It was inspired by the colourful sunsets and sunrises seen from the lake.

In addition, community engagement activities for traffic calming, mobile bike shops and group bike rides took place.

This project was promoted and implemented by the @bmorecitydot, @grahamprojects, and the @bikemorebmoreand @blackpeopleridebikes associations. It was also funded ($50,000) by @nactocities under the 2021 Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery Program.

And you? Can you access the public space nearby safely?
Photo by: @grahamprojects

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