Kovai Connect- Celebrating Public Spaces

Coimbatore, India ,2019

With recycled materials like tires and wood, simple painting, and the help of volunteers, this congested and dangerous street in Coimbatore was temporarily transformed into a safer and more attractive place for #pedestrians and #publictransport users in November 2019.

‘Kovai Connect- Celebrating Public Spaces’ is a #tacticalurbanism project by Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) in collaboration with GIZ, GFA Consulting Group and @udc_gram. As part of a citywide #activemobilitynetwork plan, Big Bazaar Road had been selected as a pilot project to promote non-motorized and public transport.
Based on feedback from all stakeholders, the measures will be implemented permanently.

Photos by: GFA Consulting Group, SUTP, Urban Voices.in

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