Hälsingegatan street

Stockholm, Sweden ,2020

#Carfreestreets are fun! With various elements like a trampoline and a BMX track, Hälsingegatan street in Stockholm, Sweden has recently turned into a huge playground and meeting point.

Part of this #urbantransformation is the wooden module of the #streetmoves project (swipe to the second photo!). Inspired by San Francisco’s #parklets, this kit transforms parking spots into #publicspace. It consists of an expandable base plate with custom parts placed on top – from a parking lot for electric scooters, an outdoor gym, a playground to a #urbangarden, it can be flexibly adapted to the needs of its installation site.

Various stakeholders were involved in the interdisciplinary project: @arkdesc (project lead) @lundbergdesignsweden (design) Vinnova (financing) @mvolvocarmobility  @voiscooters  @stockholms.stad and the Swedish Transport Administration. The kit is also being evaluated in other streets in Stockholm and in other cities throughout Sweden.

Photo credits: @brad_in_se (Twitter), @lundbergdesignsweden@elsasolang

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