Gürtelfrische West

Vienna, Austria ,2020

Who would think that this little oasis is in the middle of a major ring road?
For the month of august, one intersection of the so called Gürtelring road in Vienna, Austria is closed to cars turning into a lively green #urbanspace for people. @guertelfrischewest is a project of the districts 7 and 15 in cooperation with KÖR (Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien) and the Mobility Agency Vienna. The project offers many alternative uses – people can cool down in the swimming pool, take a sun bath in one of the deckchairs, participate in a dance or exercise class, or just relax and enjoy the green space. On a wooden stage, different cultural performances take place – concerts, readings, dance performances, workshops and more.
Another great #streetexperiment which makes this city so livable!

Photo credits: @street_experiments

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