Gran Vía

Madrid, Spain ,2018

Imagine taking a look at the future consequences of a measure before the actual measure takes place? 
Tactical urbanism breaks with the modern urban planning and makes it more participatory, fun and inclusive. These temporary, scalable, and low-cost interventions help catalysing long-term change. 
Before remodelling one of its main arteries in 2018, the city of Madrid tested the new space distribution by allocating some concrete barriers. This was of vital importance since La Gran Vía is one of the busiest streets of the capital. 
Once that the measure was proved satisfactory and the construction works were completed, pedestrians gained 5400 square meters by converting 2 traffic lanes. This additional space not only makes the street more pleasant to walk but also hosts some trees and benches. 
This refurbishment was part of the low-emissions Project ‘’Madrid Central’’ (precedent of the current ‘’Madrid 360’’), framed within the Air Quality and Climate Change Plan. 
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Photos by  Manuel Martín Vicente, Mauricio Skrycky, Ayuntamiento de Madrid 

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