From parking to pop-up park

Fosnavåg, Norway ,2016

Have you ever thought about all that could be done with the space occupied by the large parking lots in the middle of our cities? The possibilities seem endless.

In this case, @karresbrands and @ghilardihellsten architects, turned a small parking lot into a pop-up public space for the inhabitants of Fosnavåg to enjoy the new available space.

The coastal town of Fosnavåg is one of the most important fishing towns along the west coast of Norway. Taking advantage of this, fish crates and pick nick benches from the harbour were reinterpreted to make tree planters and a temporary flower garden, with places to sit, linger and meet. These new types of street furniture instigate new ways of usage by people of all ages. In the process, people with limited access to the job market were employed, rendering the whole project more inclusive.

The new pop-up public space was also used to inform residents about the new urban development the city will undergo and to conduct surveys to gather their wishes and requests. In this way, citizens are engaged in the new design of their streets and public space.

Local shop owners saw the potential of this initiative and were also excited. They contributed donating toys for the children. The playfull pattern on the floor and new types of street furniture offers a whole new perspective on the space and invites children to cycle, roller skate and play.

And you? What would you like your downtown parking lot to become?

Photos by: @karresbrands @ghilardihellsten

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