From ‘’Be careful’’ to ‘’Go play on the street’’

Bologna, Italy ,2021

In October 2021, the Via Milano used for car traffic in Bologna was transformed into a place for meeting, playing and socializing.

Children from nearby schools suddenly found that one of the hostile streets where they are usually afraid of cars had become a playground for them with many different installations:
– Games and drawing area on the ground
– Sensory pools
– Educational garden
– Multi-sports table
– Picnic table
– Tubular benches
– Platforms and tree-lined pools

The posters painted on the ground are inspired by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to invite people to reflect.

All this promotes a creative and unconventional use of a space with no previous particular function, in order to increase its habitability and attractiveness.

Behind this transformation is the Foundation for urban innovation, a body that seeks collaborative creation with key city stakeholders to redefine public spaces. They want to make them not only more welcoming and sustainable, but to strengthen urban wellbeing and boost urban and digital democracy.

In addition, an experimental method of monitoring and observation (with surveys, counts, mapping, photographs and interviews) will make it possible to decide whether this transformation, initially planned for a year and a half, will become permanent.

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The covid pandemic and its restrictions on mobility have highlighted the importance of proximity to services and having quality public space close to home.

Do you have services within walking distance to meet your basic needs?

Photos by: @margheritacaprilli, @fondazioneinnovazioneurbana

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