From a parking to a playground

Milan, Italy ,2021

Milan is back with its Piazza Aperte project. In Quarto Oggiari, on the outskirts of the city, the car park in Via Val Lagarina in front of the high school was converted into a colourful square in May 2021.

The aim of this project, called Quadra, is to promote a new use of the 600 m2 of space by citizens. The design, conceived by Serena Confalonieri, aims to create a new aggregative and community dimension for the neighbourhood.
In addition to improving children’s safety at the entrance and exit of the school, its design, based on primary colours and geometric decorations, has an educational as well as a playful character.

The geometry is developed according to a grid:
– The central 4-metre module allows emergency vehicles to pass through.
– The intermediate 2m modules are used for green spaces and play areas (checkers, tongue twisters, bells…).
– The small 1m modules facilitate compliance with safety regulations.

In addition, bicycle parking spaces have been inserted and new trees have been planted.

This intervention is the result of a collaboration agreement between the city council and citizens’ committees. Moreover, citizen participation was carried out throughout the whole process, from the design based on the preferences of the citizens, to the realisation in order to instil a sense of belonging to the new space.
Specifically, the colouring of the square was done by the association @waumilano and the school students.

Photos by:@urbanfile

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