From a desert to a joyful market

Viña del Mar, Chile ,2021

In Viña del Mar it was decided to pedestrianise the esplanade of the municipal market between 6 and 19 September in 2021, with possible extension based on measurements and evaluations.

This is intended to activate the space currently used for vehicles to allow people to pass through. The pedestrian area will be widened and tables, chairs, exhibition modules and floor games were installed.

The objectives of this intervention are multiple:

– To enhance the eastern commercial district of the Viña del Mar plan
– To promote community meetings and citizen participation
– To respond to new requirements in urban social life established by the covid pandemic
– To investigate the potential and vocation of the city centre in terms of commerce, tourism and culture

This is a project developed in the framework of associative work between the organisation Ciudad Colaborativa, together with the municipality (@municipiovina) and the support of the university ( All this under the programme of free support to Chilean municipalities for the design, development and implementation of “Tactical Intervention Plans”.

Although shop owners normally fear a reduction in their sales if vehicular access is limited, pedestrianisation is a good exercise to reactivate and add value to the life of a space, and in this case, to come to the market to shop.

What do you think about this intervention?

Photos by: @espacioludico, @ciudadcolaborativa, @municipiovina,

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