Exploring Urban Revitalization in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China ,2022

Hong Kong’s unique urban landscape, characterized by its intense land use and scarcity of available development space, has historically prioritized vertical urbanism over the integration of public spaces.

Yet, the significance of public open spaces in fostering leisure opportunities and building vital community connections cannot be overstated.

That’s why the Nullahplace project, a visionary endeavor created fresh hubs for social interaction within Hong Kong’s urban fabric.

Nullahplace is part of a larger research plan to enhance Hong Kong’s dysfunctional open space using incremental urban design interventions.

Designed to showcase the potential of temporary urban design interventions, Nullahplace serves as a testament to the effectiveness of bottom-up planning approaches in revitalizing abandoned and overlooked urban areas.

Made possible through the seed grant from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this low-cost urban intervention became a reality in just nine working days during April 2022. It was a collaborative effort that brought together students, volunteers, and community members, emphasizing the power of collective action in transforming our urban environments.

Special thanks to @_francescorossini for the insights about this amazing project.

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