Experience colors in Paseo Bulnes in Temuco!

Temuco, Chile ,2023

Paseo Bulnes, the newest jewel in the heart of Temuco, Chile, is part of the extraordinary “Revive Temuco” initiative. This new pedestrian area encourages the integration of art, history, and local identity into the urban landscape, fostering a sense of pride and connection to the city’s heritage.

Paseo Bulnes encourages walking and aims to foster community interaction 👥. It serves as a gathering point for residents and visitors alike, providing a space for leisurely strolls, meetups with friends, and moments of relaxation. The pedestrian zone embodies the vision of “Revive Temuco” by creating vibrant public spaces that promote a sense of well-being and community connection.

“Revive Temuco” aims to revitalize public spaces and promote sustainable urban development in Temuco, Chile. It focuses on transforming key areas of the city into vibrant, pedestrian-friendly zones that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Credits to @espacioludico@ciudaddebolsillo and @munitemuco

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