Enabling the impossible

Frankfurt, Germany ,2021

In August 2021, the Niddastrasse (1-4) and one of its facades were filled with bright colours and live music. On Saturday 28 August, concerts and DJ sets were held under the motto TAB from the Block.

Two years earlier, in August 2019, the Taunusstrasse (5-7) also became an accessible open air museum, with the title Frankfurt am Meer. There the TAB sounds festival took place.

Street art and artistic scenography came together every summer on a stage in the middle of the street. In what used to be the difficult corners of the city where only cars used to circulated, people danced, laughed, celebrated and lived. It was all achieved jointly and largely on a voluntary basis.

These initiatives were realised by the TAB (Taunusstrasse Arts and Bites) Frankfurt association, with the support of the Economic Department of the City of Frankfurt. TAB was born in 2015 to positively support the station district with creative campaigns and to send amazing images to the world.

This group of artists, restaurateurs and friends of the station district use their talents to highlight the city’s potential. They present themselves as facilitators of the impossible, improving the quality of the stay in the public space.

Other projects beautify the façades of the neighbourhood, or seek to thank and pay tribute to local heroes.

Would you like your district to be transformed?

Photos by: @isaak_papadopoulos, @tabfrankfurt, @martinanner

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