Domino Park

NY, USA ,2020

After the onset of the pandemic, Domino Park in New York reopened in May 2020 with a novel way of respecting security measures.

30 white circles of social distancing were painted on an artificial-turf field, designed by @fieldoperations (Landscape Architects). Each one is 2.5m in diameter, delimiting a space for a maximum of 4 people, and spaced 1.8m apart.

It took a few $.99 cans of white chalk paint from the local paint store, 2people, and 4 hours to implement this strategic tactical urbanism.

These circles pay homage to the former sugar refinery, where the park now stands. This refinery was once the largest and most productive in the world, back in 1856, and had a great influence on the growth and development of Williamsburg and the entire Brooklyn waterfront.

This intervention was not without criticism, as they were described as human parking spaces due to the waiting times. Interestingly, although the circles were not maintained, people still keep their distance.

What do you think about this measure?

Photos by: @marcella.winograd , @paulmartinka

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