Delhi Gate Redesign

New Dehli, India ,2021

Re-Marking Streets and Intersections with temporary #lighterquickercheaper measures are a quick and economical way to test and showcase potential change in street geometry.

In this #streetexperiment, the World Resources Institute @wri_india, in cooperation with Delhi Traffic Police, recently redesigned the #DelhiGate intersection to make it safer and more accessible for non-motorized traffic. Using barricades and cones, they reduced the conflict area by nearly 70%. The reclaimed area was painted and now serves as colorful waiting areas for pedestrians and cyclists.
The trial will remain in place for a month and be evaluated. If the changes prove effective, they will be made permanent!

Photos by: (1)(2) Anindya Chattopadhya, (3) Delhi Traffic Police, (4) @wri_india

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