Cidade da gente

Fortaleza, Brazil ,2018

The victory in public policy

The 2nd intervention of Cities for people took place in Dragao do Mar in August 2018. This multi-character neighbourhood in Fortaleza, with diverse uses and some potential, was brought back to life by a new design and activities.

5,000 m2 of parking space and traffic lanes were turned into a pedestrian area for 15 days. More than 40 city contractors and local volunteers applied bright colours and bold patterns (1,000L of paint) to the site and some facades over 3 days to improve the streets’ geometry.

The redesign gives more space to pedestrians, makes streets safer (less conflicts and safer speeds) and brings revived life and energy to the neighbourhood.

The satisfactory results were multiple:
– Reduction of 80% in crossing distances
– Reduction of 50% in cars running high speed
– Reduction in road fatalities by 50%
– Increase of 109% of pedestrians
– Increase of 34% people sitting

People celebrated the intervention that recovers public space and eliminates the fear of walking, making it accessible to all. This project led to the removal of drug users from the area and the return of children and families.

90% of respondents approved of the design and cultural activity by 41%, with the participation of the samba school and the association of folklore traditions.

The project was intended to last 15 days, but such was the impact and revitalisation of the sector that it stayed for good. Citizens called for the implementation of People Cities in other parts of the city, and the city has agreed, in line with its goals of 0 road deaths.

Photos by: @Danterosado, @prefeituradefortaleza, @nactocities, @acidumproject

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